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Finally an OSX version, can’t wait for editing support

I was waiting for the mac version for a long time. I still miss the editing capabilities on the mac, but this is a welcomed first step. You will get my 5th star once it will be possible to edit and annotate my notes. Thanks for your apps

Mac / iPad sync using iCloud not working

Good app, but the Mac / iPac sync using iCloud does not work very smoothly…

Its ready!

the files are unable to upload or download go through iCloud… what’s happened ????—>21.09 Then I wrote a E-mail and got the answer from goodnotes: logout/login my iCloud from Mac! Now I can use that very well : )))))


We’re still waiting for the first update You promised us „write support“. I love goodnotes on ipad/iphone but osx app is pretty useless … ATM

Goodnotes is my favourite note taking app

I’ve tried all the note taking apps and Goodnote surpasses them all. I am very happy with this desktop version as it will make my work flow seamless and very efficient.

Good app

I wish in the near future, I could handwrite / type using mac OS X as well, good start

Useless waste of good money…

This app does nothing more than sync documents annotated on iPad to the Mac. I fully expected some editing ability with the Mac application, such as highlighting text. Forget it. It gave me nothing more than I already had for free with Dropbox. Don’t waste your money. Spend your $10 ($8.99 plus tax) on something useful. Real disappointment and price is ridiculous given lack of utility in the app.


After they updated the app with editing features it can now be called a real productivity desktop app. It is certianly worth the $11 dollars now.

Love the Editing functionality!

I love this app and I use it on both my iPhone & iPad and Mac too. I use it everyday and the ability to have custom PDF documents as a backhground is amazing. I’ve created a bunch of page templates that I use depending on what I need in a specific planning document. The editing functionality that was just added on the Mac is great too. Love how they thought it through so selecting objects also allows for resizing at the same time. The iCloud syncing has been so/so at times, and sometimes takes a long time to upload but lately it’s been uploading in a reasonable time so I can’t complain. I hope they add the ability to change the line-height/leading as the default line height doesn’t always work for me.

Really helpfull app. Perfect sync.

I use GoodNotes for many years now on my iPhone and iPad. I really appreciate everything about this app. I tried many others apps and GoodNotes is by far my best best one. And now with the Mac version, including editing fonction, this is fantastic. The sync between my 3 apps is really fast so I can draw on my iPad and write on my Mac in the same document at the same time. The versioning is well manage between the different apps so everything is put together. I can’t wait to benefit of your next improvements. I use your apps every day and really appreciate them. Thank you for you good job.

Excellent Companion to the iPad’s app

I’ve been using GoodNotes on iPad for a few years as it’s the most fully featured app for note taking on iPad. The GoodNotes on Mac is an amazing addition and just fills the gap. I can see and edit my notes on iPad, Mac and iPhone. The RAM and CPU usage is excellent too,it’s not heavy on the system at all. With the added editing functionality, the program is heading to the right direction. in addition it’s a great program to view and edit PDF files and the search functionality is really quick even on a very large PDF file. A big thanks to the developers. Keep up the good work.

Good But sometimes it fails to sync for a while

I lke the app. It is annoying that sometimes it take a while to sync between devices. It can be a real bother.

Not good enough

I have been using the ipad app for a few months now. But I only downloaded the mac version a week ago. Since the first day I have had problems with the app crashing several times a day. It is very annoying since I can’t take notes without having to worry about it crashing on me at any time. Couple of minutes ago it just decided to not open up after the “usual crash”. I re-installed it and still not working. I am in the middle of studying for medical school exams and this app let me down. I hope the problem gets fixed soon since this has been a waste of time and money...

Needs loads of improvements

At the moment, the app is nothing more than a pdf reader, and a pretty expensive one. The iCloud sync doesn’t always work, and there’s some pretty heavy lag when trying to zoom in or out on a document. Please fix these and add the note-taking feature! I love the iPad version

Nice complement to iOS version… but needs work

My primary use of GoodNotes is on my iPad mini, where it excels in handwriting recongnition AND integrated OCR capability which allows me to export notes as a PDF and view them as they were written, plus search the handwritten text. My typical workflow is to export GoodNotes files as a PDF to archive in another app (the excellent Notebooks), and often I need to import PDF or MSWord files into GoodNotes so as to annotate them. I thought that the Mac version would be useful for these file management tasks - and indeed it does a good job of exporting PDFs that include searchable text based on OCR. But the Mac app cannot directly import MSWord files like the iOS version does (developer says this is due to a lmitation of OS X). And as others have mentioned, iCould sync is really slow - it would be much better if via DropBox.

Works OK.

The iOS app is great. The desktop app does its job OK, but leaves a lot to be desired, performance-wise. It crashes somewhat frequently, and lags a lot when trying to scroll through pages. Search is also slow and sometimes freezes the app, requiring a force quit. iCloud sync works well. This app has a lot of potential but lacks polish.

Best note taking app

This is what a responsive developer does! He listens to customers. Highlighting shortcuts, a rather simple feature that means a lot to customers. The one thing that keeps me using the mac version> iPad is that on the mac I can select text and activate text to speech while on the iPad i can’t. (please add that to the iPad!) I have used this app for visual notetaking because in medical school it is imperative. 1. It supports multiple styluses.(Pencil, Adonit etc) 2. Zoom - no need to use awkward not taking panels, just like Paper(by 53) just zoom and draw. This lets you put huge complete diagrams into one page. 3. interface doesnt fight you, just lets you do your thing. As I have found myself doing more reading it handles PDFs rather well. the bad: icloud sync is terribly slow and then it starts a versions war on my three devices.

Disappointed : The companion Mac app is terrible

I am a big fan of the GoodNotes App for iPhone and iPad. So, I went ahead and purchased the App for Mac. Imagine my disappointment when I found that the app lacks most basic features. The iCloud sync between iPad/iPhone and Mac is broken, you cannot edit your notes in Mac; in fact, there is very little you can do on the Mac. I am disappointed the GoodNotes team is charging consumers for a product that does not work !

Works very well with the ipad app!

GoodNotes is my go to app for taking notes. I love being able to take notes with my apple pencil on my iPad, then view them on the computer. The only feature I wish it had is to automatically convert a ppt file or docx to a pdf like the ipad does!!!

Mostly does its job except for frequent sync issues

The primary purpose of this basic app is to interface with the iOS counterpart. It does this well. Sometimes, especially when replacing files with newer versions, the synchronization doesnt work. Even if you first delete and then add again. Likely even removes the file from the display entirely. But these are mostly annoying display quirks and no data-loss issues. The iOS version of GoodNote is really pretty good, and youll want to use this basic app for that. The biggest nuisance of GoodNote is that sharing is just a little sluggish. GoodNote doesnt register itself under the Mac OS Share Menu Extension so theres no easy way of sharing documents. If youd like to share a document that you then update, theres an arkance process to go through to see that on the other side, too. With a decent chance that it doesnt work and you have to delete and resynchronize. That just happens so often that its rather painful if only 50% of the synchronization attempts work. I think GoodNote should still work on a smooth Mac-feel integration that makes things fast and easy. But the basic functionality seems to be all there.

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